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Make sure you look at all the resources like the Learn the Truth series, the Bible Class Online, the Bible Study Teacher, the Gospel Card, and the Know the Bible Gosple Tracts which you can check out further on this website. We want to make a difference in your life and the lives of people all over the world.

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One of the ways that brings you closer to the heart of God is by reaching out to the lost in this world for God. We have been given a purpose in this world and it is not to cover the light God has put into each one of us. It is to shine that light in a dark and perishing world. We are to be salt seasoning people to receive the "Good News" (the gospel) of Christ.

God wants us to fulfill the Great Commission! God is NOT asking every one of us to witness to thousands of people, or even hundreds. Some are given 1 talent; some are given 5 talents, and some are given 10 talents. The point is do not hide those talents that God has given you. The Parable of the Talents also known as the Parable of the Bags of Gold (Matthew 25:14-30) is a great explanation of what God wants us to do. Remember too, the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7) which goes onto explain the value God has put on one person who comes to Him.

The point is reach the people that God has put in your sphere of influence! It may be only 1 or 2 or even 3 people in your life that God wants you to reach for Him. Find a way to reach them. Use Know the Bible ministries as a resource to do that very thing!




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Use all the resources made available at Know the Bible ministries! God may have you only reach one person or three, but those people may go on to reach others, and then those people go on to reach still more people. You reaching out to one person may change the lives of countless people. So do not dismiss your influence in the grand scheme of things. You may be the start of something grand that you may never even realize (The Butterfly Effect). Your impact will be determined by God. Simply trust in God and reach that Lost Sheep.

Strengthen your faith and grow in your knowledge of God. Put on the Armor of God! Pray to God asking Him to help you reach the people God has placed on your heart to reach. And most importantly, ACT on those prayers. Start talking to those people. Our sincere hope is that God has placed our ministry in your path so that we can be of some help as you witness to people for Christ.







Below are some of our Know the Bible resources!






Receive the Bible Study Teacher
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Short lessons about the Bible every day of the week accessible by you at your leisure! Variety of ways to help you grow in your relationship with Christ. Some days will be verse recognition & Bible quizzes, others will be videos helping you understand the evidence that actually exists in support of the Biblical narrative. And more importantly, we will help you learn how to REMEMBER that knowledge for witnessing purposes later. Simply sign up below by clicking on the pictured icon.





Verse of the Day

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On a given topic for the month


TOP 5 Reasons

Dinosaurs Lived with Man!

 Learn how to actually remember this Top 5 list for memory recall when needed.



















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 There are multiple videos in each section. To watch a video, simply click the pictured icon below!




Learn the Truth!
The Evidence is overwhelming!
Just give me a chance to prove it.

This is FREE!

Once you see all the hard evidence that really exists, then you will be able to make an intelligent and informed decision about THE most important topic you will ever deal with in your life. Learn the truth so you can make the right decision!
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Learn the books of the Holy Bible directly online from this website!

This is FREE!

We do not just give you something to read and hope that you get it. We actually teach you and show you how to remember this knowledge forever! Our contention is that going thru our Bible Class directly online from our website, you will be able to NAME every book of the Holy Bible in order & in flow. You will be much more familiar with the location of people, places, and events. 
Simply CLICK on the picture below to start your journey of enlightenment and grow closer to God!


















Evolution vs. Creation

Videos that debunk the religion of atheism and its model of evolution and solidify the position of creation. Be emboldened to believe in God and His Word who is Christ Jesus. Truly understand that science actually confirms the Word. It's really Science vs. Atheism and not what they have brainwashed society to believe.






Are We Living in the End Times?

Videos that explain the times in which we live and how they relate to the Holy Bible. Understand we are living in the end times events right now! Gain some perspective of these times. Watch these videos and see for yourself. Do not simply hide your head in the sand. With perspective, you can better prepare yourself for the Lord's coming. Come watch and gain knowledge and insight so that you can better understand what is happening around you. Be watchful and sober in mind!





Proving God Exists

Videos that prove God exists and that the God of the Bible is the One True Living God. If miraculous events that actually took place in history are confirmed, then there is only one conclusion that can be made. God MUST EXIST! Once you grasp the magnitude of this realization, your heart will be opened to receive Christ and you can begin your journey as a born-again Christian.






Proving Christ is the Messiah

Videos that prove the Messiahship of Jesus Christ and His claim as the Son of God. Gain a better understanding that Christ MUST be the Son of God. Understand the meticulous nature and great detail that surround the life of Christ. Once you see and comprehend the magnitude of the events that took place and the incredible accuracy of the prophecies, your faith will be strengthened in the Lord.






Learn How to Witness

Videos that help you learn how to witness to others and providing you the knowledge to do so confidently. Gain an understanding of the blueprint Christ gave us to reach others with the gospel. Once you understand that most people only have a shallow understanding that supports their belief system, you can be confident in yourself and no longer fear rejection.






Watch Christian Movies Online

Movies like...

The Passion of the Christ

God of Wonders

The Nativity Story

Letters to God

The Ultimate Gift


The Final Inquiry

A Walk in My Shoes

Undercover Angel

I Am Gabriel

What Would Jesus Do?

One Night with a King



Evolution vs. God


A Quick Explanation of Dinosaurs




Click the picture below to access the video series;

One Minute into Eternity

Is There Life After Death?

What Happens When You Die?

Is There Really a Hell?

Is There Really a Heaven? 





Watch the video below to better understand your relationship with God.










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Below are some Resources that we can provide to an individual

on a small scale or any Christian Church so that they can share

these resources with their congregation.




The Gospel Card





The Gospel Card is designed to make people think!

This is a UNIQUE & innovative witnessing tool that opens up like a small booklet. It provides great detail & real hard evidence that makes even the most steadfast person curious.

It doesn't cost much at all to get this great witnessing tool!

What are you waiting for?


To get your order of Gospel Cards whether it's just a few for an individual or several hundred to pass out to a congregation so they can share with others, simply click the Buy Now button.
(With regards to the Gospel Card specifically; We ship to the lower 48 states within the U.S.A. only. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or APO's.)  



CLICK BELOW to see the sides of the Gospel Card.









Know the Bible Worksheet


The Worksheet is 17 pages that you can

print out directly from this website!


The Know the Bible Worksheet is a tool designed to help you learn every book of the Holy Bible. By filling out the worksheet, you will be using time tested teaching techniques that will emphasize memory of the books of the Bible. The benefit of learning the books of the Bible is promoting your knowledge of the Word of God and encouraging you to learn more. The object is to give you a foundation to build upon.


If I ask you what book comes after Deuteronomy, you would immediately be able to tell me...Joshua!

If I ask you what book comes after Ezra, you would immediately be able to tell me...Nehemiah!

If I ask you what book comes after Acts, you would immediately be able to tell me...Romans!

If I ask you what book comes after Hebrews, you would immediately be able to tell me...the book of James!


To know the Word of God is to know Christ himself! You are getting to know God. Why would a true Christian not want to get to know Christ more intimately?

That is why this tool was developed. To help Christians grow in their knowledge and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

It's only $5.00 and you will receive this item immediately. 





Know the Bible Workbook





This is not just a book to read but it is also a WORKBOOK you write answers in.

You can learn something about every book in the Holy Bible. You will learn how to remember every book of the Bible. You will gain an understanding of how the books flow together and how the books are grouped together. Using tried and true teaching techniques, we help you learn the books forevermore.

Along with information to learn through reading, we also have produced tons of multiple choice questions about Scripture verses. Our goal is to help you systemically retain in memory the Word of God and Scripture verses. We additionally have you look further into the Scripture and find additional verses that you yourself write down and learn. This type of teaching is not finite in its application. You can continually use this teaching workbook to learn more and more. It doesn't have to stop once you finish the book. It can be never-ending in its use.

Even more we have you describe a topic of interest from a section of the Bible. In your own words in just a couple of sentences, you give a brief description of something that you find interesting in a book of the Bible. This can be done continually. You never have to stop this lesson. You will gain so much more of an understanding of the Holy Bible that you will not want to stop learning!

This truly is a GREAT resource to complement your walk in the WORD and getting to know our Lord Jesus Christ  more intimately. It doesn’t take months or years to gain an understanding of the Word of God. Just take the opportunity given you by God to learn more about Him, He will come to you and light a passion in your heart for Him.

 It's only $6.99 and you will receive this item immediately. 














Know the Bible Gospel Tracts are:

front and back;

Approximate size 3 3/8 in. x 7 3/8 in.

Durable paper stock with smooth texture

Numbered in a progression from 1 - 7

Can be used for variety of witnessing scenarios

To get a set of Know the Bible Gospel Tracts,
simply click the Buy Now button below.

 (With regards to the Gospel Tracts specifically; We ship to the lower 48 states within the U.S.A. only. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or APO's.) 
















Our gospel tracts are unique !
They were developed to be in sequence to follow a logical train of thought so that you can be comfortable witnessing to a wide variety of people that God has put in your daily life. Witnessing opportunities happen throughout your day. Be prepared for those opportunities. Arm yourself with our gospel tracts. Learn what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. With our gospel tracts, you will be able to quickly decide which gospel tract to start with. Our hope is to arm fellow Christians with REAL VALUABLE resources to help them gain confidence to witness to the people that God has put in their path.
They have a two-fold benefit:

As a tool to hand out to those that you come in contact with;

As a resource for YOU to learn and memorize so that you have the confidence to speak at all times to anyone (Eventually you may not even need a tool anymore.)

Our gospel tracts are easy to learn and eye-catching to those you hand them to. Take advantage of this resource today!

To better understand why these tracts were developed in the manner and order in which they were, we explain below.

They are numbered in order to lead a person to Christ based on where the person being witnessed to is at the time helping the person doing the witnessing identify where to begin.

Find a number to START WITH, then move to the next one in the sequence.


1.  Developed to help a person that is an atheist (believer in evolutionary theory). To open their eyes to the religion of atheism that they have prescribed to often times unwittingly and that it has no actual evidence to support it. (START HERE)--->If the person prescribes to evolution as to what they believe. (ex. evolutionist)

2.   Developed to help a person that sees the lies told by atheists now, and then points them to the real scientific evidence (FACTS) that support the biblical worldview. (START HERE)--->If the person wavers between evolution & the existence of God (ex. theistic evolutionist)

3.   Developed to help a person see the miraculous events that take place in the Bible are TRUE, thus giving them an understanding that the GOD of the Holy Bible is REAL! (START HERE)--->If the person believes in a god; not sure which religion, or believes in another. (ex. buddhist)

So to this point;

We have the knowledge that a GOD MUST exist (logical reasoning), the evidence supports the biblical account (giving credence to the reliability of the Bible), the miraclulous events support that the GOD of the Bible really exists (which religion is TRUE).

Now we get to the next gospel tract;

4.   Developed to help a person identify for themself who the prophecies speak about thus understanding that they actually give a extremely detailed description of the Messiah. We now know from the previous tracts that GOD is REAL, the Bible is TRUE, and the Messiah in the Bible is identified as Christ. (START HERE)--->If the person believes in a god; does not believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. (ex. doesn't think too much about God but does have some belief that there is one.)

5.   Developed to help a person see the intricate details of numerous prophecies concerning the Messiah. By seeing the many prophecies that are fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ (ALL the prophecies concerning the Messiah are fulfilled in Christ!), one can only come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ truly is the Son of God! (START HERE)--->If the person believes in God, has some belief in Christ as the Messiah, but doesn't practice his faith actively. (ex. Jew---or a person that doesn't take his faith seriously.)

6.   Developed to help a person that says that they believe, yet does not live their lives with God involved. They think that they are good person and that God will let them into heaven because of their "goodness". This person needs to have their eyes opened to fear the Lord. They need to understand that they are following the broad way that will lead them to destruction if they do not repent and follow Christ. (START HERE)--->If this person is a non-practicing Christian. 

7.   Developed to help a person that says that they believe, yet does not have a general understanding of the Holy Scriptures. This person needs to have their eyes opened to what the Word says in regards to the broad way which so many professing Christians are traveling that leads to destruction and the narrow way which leads to everlasting life with the Lord Almighty. This helps them gain knowledge and understanding as to what a TRUE BELIEVER MUST DO. (START HERE)--->If this person is a believer yet lacks knowledge of the Holy Bible. (ex.---says they are a Christian and it seems genuine, yet they do not read the Word.) believer only in word, not deed. (ex.---says they are a Christian, yet blasphemy is on their tongue.)


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Tract Evangelism
In Chile, a young mother came to Christ after reading a tract a missionary had given her. A man in the southern US was born again in his prison cell after reading a tract handed him by one of the guards. A Soviet paratrooper read a tract he was using to light a fire, and his life changed for eternity.

Why evangelize?
Most of us are not “evangelists” according to the classic definition. We reserve that role for the Billy Grahams and D. L. Moodys of our day. But the Bible is clear that we are to share the gospel.

Why Us?
God has chosen to reach the world through us. In fact, God uses our faithful (and sometimes fearful) efforts at evangelism to grow us. Through evangelizing we must commit ourselves to God in trust and we must be familiar with His Word. The more we know about God, the better our ability to answer the questions put before us.

There are many other blessings associated with evangelizing, but the greatest I have experienced is the personal joy of seeing someone come into a relationship with Christ. And of course, one of the most effective methods of evangelizing I know of is the distribution of quality Gospel tracts.

Why Tracts?
It has been said that nothing cost less, goes farther, lasts longer or says it better than a gospel tract. But what is a tract? In short, a tract is any tool that is to the point, relevant, arrests our attention, contains the gospel and takes us closer to Christ.

Tracts are indispensable. I want to encourage you to think about their strategic use as you go out into the world each day. When you make them part of your spiritual repertoire, God will give you many opportunities to share. A tract is so wonderfully crafted that it can go to work if even a child finds one on the floor. Regardless of your spiritual maturity or experience in sharing the gospel, a tract is an indispensable helper.
Another benefit to gospel tracts is they can provide concise information for the owner of the tracts to learn as well. Arming yourself with knowledge to give you confidence to just talk to people greatly enhances your ability to witness.

Here are my suggestions for developing an effective tract ministry.

1. Pray.
You cannot win anyone to Christ, neither can a tract. Only the Holy Spirit can do that.

2. Give appropriate tracts.
Always carry several different types of tracts with you—so you can match the message to the person.

3. Engage your audience.
This can be done by making eye contact, with a simple smile, asking questions and listening carefully to what is said.

4. Don’t force tracts on people.

I recommend distributing a dozen tracts carefully, prayerfully, and judiciously over handing out a hundred indiscriminately.


To get a closer look at the front and back of each gospel tract simply CLICK HERE.


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