How can we help you and you help us at the same time?

This ministry has been working to help Christians all over the world for over a decade now by providing good quality resources to our brothers and sisters in Christ. To keep fighting the good fight, we need your support.
But, we do not ask for donations at all!
This is different than most websites on the internet!
We want there to be something of value to be exchanged other than the knowledge of this website. You get something tangible...! Something you might actually need...! Something you might actually be shopping for...!


Well... How do both you and Know the Bible ministries receive something?  
Here is how...
KtB Stores is a great supporter of this ministry.
We simply offer you everything on the Know the Bible ministries website for free to help further your walk with the Lord.
KtB Stores then offers great online prices for furniture for your home and shares the proceeds with us.
You get everything from this ministry website for free ...AND...
You can then purchase any type of furniture for your home!


Rather than supporting the monster Amazon or other large retail online stores, you can get the same items for less from a store that has a heart!
We receive your support by you simply purchasing something from KtB Stores.
It's a WIN-WIN situation for everyone! 

Simply click on the picture for KtB Stores above to go directly to their website or CLICK HERE. Browse for yourself and see what you might be interested in. They have a lot of colors and styles to choose from. If you like what they have to offer, simply purchase from them. They will do everything they can to take care of their customers. It really is a WIN-WIN situation!

We want to be a blessing to our Christian community.
Remember our resources do not cost you anything. Again, we want to help you.
We want to help as many people as possible find Christ now before it's too late while taking care of the expenses associated with continuing to fight the good fight.
Please, consider supporting this ministry and helping us bring more people closer to Christ.
Thank you for your support and may God bless you!