The Geologic Column DESTROYED!


Satan and his Darwinians (with their pseudo-science) have mounted a globally orchestrated attack against God's Noah and the Biblical record of a global flood that destroyed all life that had breath, with the exception of those who were upon the Ark. Satan must wage this battle regardless of cost. Trillions of dollars have been expended and millions of lives negatively and eternally affected.

One thousand six hundred fifty-six years after Adam (the first man) opened his eyes, God opened the windows of heaven and the great foundations of the deep to destroy decadent man through a world-wide flood. This catastrophic event took place nearly 4,400 years ago. If the Bible record is true, Satan's efforts have but paved the way to the lake of fire. That should not surprise. Jesus said of Satan in John 10:10:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

The following excerpt is taken from the GodSaidManSaid feature, "Noah and the Ungodly:"

So many things, billions even innumerable shout absolutely yes to the miraculous story of Noah's ark. The mountain of evidence for it continues to grow, yet skeptics and vociferous challengers still manage to cling on.




 Paleontology says yes
says yes
says yes
 Nearly 500 ancient societal records
say yes
 Ancient history
says yes
 Fish fossils on every mountain peak
say yes
 Flood strata covering 75% of the earth
say yes
 Billions of fossils buried by water action
say yes
say yes
 Soft tissue in dino bones
says yes
 The Grand Canyon
says yes
 The re-emergence of global catastrophism says yes
, etc. All yes!


Carnal academia must resist Noah at all cost, for if they yield to the amazing accumulation of evidence that certifies Noah, they will have lost all. Their ungodly educations, their ungodly careers, their ungodly universities, their ungodly textbooks, videos, publications, theories of evolution, etc.,would all be gone. Then it would be, "How do I pay the mortgage?" "How do I become gainfully employed producing something of real value?"

If Noah is true (and he is), they are in a heap of trouble, no, heaps upon heaps. But it doesn
't end there. Now something else sets in a soon-coming judgment day when the God of Noah sits upon His throne and all men stand before Him to give an account of their deeds and how they have handled the issue of the blood of Jesus Christ. This is more than the ungodly can endure. They must resist.

GodSaidManSaid recently reviewed a booklet published in 2011 by the Institute for Creation Research. It was written by Dr. Brad Forlow who holds impeccable scientific credentials and presently serves on the life sciences research team at ICR. Consider the following points made by Dr. Farlow:

1. Amazingly, the rock layers presented as evolutionary evidence really only exist in textbooks. In fact, the entire geologic column, composed of complete rock layers, exists only in the diagrams drawn by geologists. Data from continents and ocean basins show that the ten strata systems of the geologic column are poorly represented on a global scale. All types of rocks (e.g., shale, limestone, granite, etc.) are found throughout the various deposits. Hundreds of locations are known where the order of the rock layers identified by geologists does not match the order of the geologic column that is taught as evolutionary fact.

2. The earth's crust is made of sedimentary rocks (e.g., sandstones, shales, limestones, etc.). In almost all cases, these rock layers were originally formed underwater.

3. There is extensive evidence that these rock layers formed very quickly and under catastrophic conditions. There is no physical evidence of time boundaries between successive rock layers. If it took millions of years for them to form, it would be expected that erosion would occur at the top of one layer before the next layer was laid down on top of it. Hydraulic evidence actually shows rapid deposition of each rock layer and the continuous formation of every sequence of strata.

4. Common geological features of the rock layers show that "old" rocks and "young" rocks are in every formation with no physical characteristics unique to age. The scientific evidence suggests that they were formed during essentially the same brief period of time. This is what would be expected as a result of global, catastrophic flood.

5. Scientific evidence indicates rock layers formed rapidly under catastrophic conditions, contradicting the notion that the layers formed over millions of years. Scientific evidence shows that rock layers share common characteristics, indicating they formed at the same time and do not represent unique ages of earth history. Continental coverage of the rock layers suggests formation by an event that was global in nature. Based on the scientific evidence, the rock layers (geologic column) seem to be the product of continuous rapid deposition of sediments.

6. Can the observed rock layers and the immensity of Grand Canyon really be explained by the year-long global Flood of Noah's day? Consider Burlingame Canyon in Washington. It measures 1,500 feet long, up to 120 feet deep, and 120 feet wide. Although a much smaller canyon than Grand Canyon, it was observed to form in fewer than six days. Within these few days, nearly five million cubic feet of silt, sand, and rock were removed by the cascading water. Yes, canyons can form rapidly.

7. In 1980, God provided a demonstration of the earth-restructuring capabilities of flowing water. The eruption of Mount St. Helens, a modern, local catastrophe, gave us a glimpse of the earth's geologic power. Most of the damage done by Mount St. Helens was water-related. Mount St. Helens had been covered by a glacier, and when it got hot, water raced down the mountain as a mighty flood, eroding soil, rocks, trees, and anything in its path. All of this was eventually deposited at the foot of the mountain. Volcanic episodes added to the fury. When the eruption was finished, up to 600 feet of sediments had been deposited, full of plant and animal remains. The sediments have hardened into sedimentary rock. A deep canyon was carved out, forming a "little Grand Canyon.'

8. Many Features that geologists are taught take long ages to form were seen to happen rapidly, including the formation of rock layers (strata), erosion of canyons, deposition of logs in upright positions, burial of peat, and glacier formation.

9. The actual fossil record, from top to bottom, in every layer, all over the earth, overwhelmingly consists of shallow water marine fossils. As it turns out, 95 percent of all fossils are shallow marine invertebrates, mostly shellfish. For instance, clams are found in the bottom layer, the top layer, and every layer in between. There are many different varieties of clams, but they are in every layer, and many of those varieties are still alive today. The same could be said for corals, jellyfish, and many others. The fossil record documents primarily marine organisms buried in marine sediments that were catastrophically deposited. How did so many marine fossils end up on the land?

10. Of the other 5 percent of fossils, by far most are plants. Land-dwelling animals, such as mammals and dinosaurs, are poorly represented in the fossil record. All of the vertebrate fossils considered together (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals) comprise only 0.0125 percent of the entire fossil record, and only 1 percent of these (or 0.000125 percent of the total) consist of more than a single bone!

11. The rapid, catastrophic nature of the fossil record is supported by various evidences. One such evidence is polystrate fossils, including fossilized trees that are in upright positions and penetrate multiple sedimentary layers. The existence of one specimen in multiple strata shows that the layers that hold it must have formed rapidly. [End of quotes]

Dr. Forlow, concerning soft tissue and collagen that was found in supposedly 70 million-year-old bones, reports that collagen, such as blood vessels, cannot survive longer than 10,000 years, even in optimal conditions.

On November 21, 2011 Yahoo News printed the following headline, "Ancient Whale Bones Discovered in Desert". A few sentences follow:

Paleontologists in Chile have made a surprising discovery in the desert. Scientists uncovered what appears to be a massive graveyard of whale bones in Copiapo, more than a half-mile from the ocean. More than 80 whales, including 25 complete skeletons, were found in one of the driest deserts in the world. There is currently a construction project to widen the highway near the Atacama Desert, where the bones were found. Scientists believe the bones could be between 2 million and 7 million years old. So how did the whales make their way from the ocean to the desert and end up so close to one another when they died?

People on social media are debating creationism vs. evolution theories. Some people are just waiting for a scientific explanation. Still others are saying they should accept the biblical account of the flood.

The time approaches for the judgment of this world, and the world as we know it will perish, even as the world perished in the flood in the days of Noah. The Ark of safety is the saving blood of Jesus Christ. Are you onboard?