When looking at this event, you can use Pascal's Wager and use logic to help determine the best course of action.
It is really pretty simple actually. Using logic, there are only 4 results based on this question.
(We are not taking into account the possiblility of you reaching Death's door prior to this event which can happen to any of us at any time. Pascal's Wager is often used for the existence of God and what happens when you die)
You either heed the warning from the watchmen of the Times in which we are living and come to Christ before the rapture event, or you continue living without God and without any sense of urgency.

 Pascal's Wager


Rapture Does Happen

in 2021 on The Feast of Trumpets

Rapture Doesn't Happen

in 2021 on The Feast of Trumpets

You Prepare Your Soul

by Believing in Christ,

Repenting of Your Sins,

and Reading His Word



You Continue to Live in Your Sins

Balking at the idea of the Rapture,

Not Believing in Jesus Christ,

or Thinking it will Happen Some Time Later




The results of your decision have 4 consequences. If it doesn't happen, then you lose nothing whether you choose to come to Christ or you don't. The result is the same... nothing happens!
However, the consequences if the Rapture DOES happen are profound!
You will go to heaven forevermore with a beauty and magestic living forever WITH GOD ~!
Or, you will have to go thru the Tribulation and experience hell on earth!

The threat of going to Hell becomes a reality for you if you do not prepare now. 

So, let's take inventory of this event...
If you heed the warnings and repent of your sins NOW coming to Christ and read His Word before it is too late, then ...  YOU CANNOT LOSE!
If you choose to continue living without Christ balking at the Rapture Event,  ...  YOU CANNOT WIN!   Either nothing happens and you gain nothing, or you lose... BIG!
Why would you take that chance?
Logically speaking, it makes NO SENSE! 
Please, think about it! Your eternal life could hang in the balance.