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Could it really happen? ... Well, the quick answer is ... YES!    
For those that Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, this should not scare you at all. This is to prepare you.
We do not know which Feast of Trumpets or which day of this appointed festival or even at what hour of the day as the time of day changes depending on where you are on the Earth. But, the events happening around the world should have opened your eyes to the times in which we are living today.
Eschatologists and Biblical scholars all over the world know the significance of the Feasts of the Lord and God's redemptive plan through His Son, Jesus Christ! The veil has been pulled away. God stated, 
Acts 2:17, "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men willl see visions, your old men will dream dreams"

From the Book of Daniel, God stated that those living in the End Times will suddenly understand what is happening,

Daniel 12:4, "Daniel, you must keep these words secret and the book sealed until the time of the End."  


The evidence that I am about to share with you is very compelling. And, quite frankly, do you really want to be wrong with your stance in this matter? Use Pascal's Wager when dealing with this most important of questions.



These things can be proven with actual hard evidence. We know them as …FACTS!    
Let me explain.
You need to understand methods and theories are not facts!
They are opinions used to describe how a fact exists! So often people are duped into believing something is a fact using ONLY methods and theories.
Use the actual hard evidence to determine what is a lie and what is the truth!
You need to turn on your common sense and hear your conscience while you read and watch the videos provided. The amount of hard evidence is astounding! The wool has been pulled over your eyes by those intent on doing evil. You need to throw off the veil and begin your journey to enlightenment.
Once you see all the hard evidence that really exists, then you will be able to make an intelligent and informed decision about THE most important topic you will ever deal with in your life.... your eternal life!



Why is the Bible so important to read? ... 
Think about how truly genius it is. God gave each person down thru the centuries a way to know HIM ... PERSONALLY! 
You are feeding your soul for a time when you will meet Christ and be in heaven forevermore. To eat the flesh of the Son of Man is to feed upon the bread of heaven which we call the Holy Bible; and to drink His blood is to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. It's kind of like the saying you must drink the kool-aid which means you must BELIEVE ... It's that simple!
Gain the perspective of other Christians knowing that you have a place to go when death knocks on your door. You do not have to fear the unknown, because you know exactly where you're going!
Look at what God has to say about this very topic ...   



In the Old Testament there are over 300 prophetic references to Jesus Christ. His life, his ministry, his death, and his resurrection are foretold hundreds if not thousands of years before they actually happened!
True prophecy foretells of an event with such detail before it happens so as to necessarily require divine guidance. The Bible is a book containing hundreds of detailed prophecies. And they truly are detailed!
If you just step back for a moment and ponder what true prophecies are you will then understand their significance. Genuine divine prophecy is a statement from God to those that are listening. They show that God truly does exist and that the Holy Bible truly is His word written down for us to prove who He is.
They are not vague as you will see!  
Dr. Peter Stoner, a renowned professor of science and mathematics, calculated the probability of just ONE MAN fulfilling only 8 prophecies made concerning the Messiah.
His conclusion will astound you! ...



After going thru this Bible Class (This is FREE by the way!),


Our contention is that you will be able to NAME every book of the Holy Bible in order & in flow. You will be much more familiar with the location of people, places, and events. Our hope is that people who once refrained from reading the Word of God because they were intimidated by its sheer volume, will now gain a hunger for the bread of heaven and will begin to grow in their walk with the Lord.


The best way I can explain it is using a picture.


Picture ... a very young person in a dark room facing toward you while sitting on a chair at a small table. They only have a dim candle light beside them on the table with a Bible lying in front of them on the table. The young person then opens the Book and a bright light shines upward into their face from the Book. The child begins to smile as they read the words from the Book. 

The young person is YOU! The Book is the Holy Bible. You see the very Words of God and consume it in your heart, mind, and soul. During this moment, you only see the words in the Book, yet the Book is actually a one-way mirror with God, Himself, looking right up at YOU! He sees you and He sees His words begin to fill your heart with Jesus Christ.

That is the relationship He wants to have with you!




One of the best forms of sharing the Gospel are gospel tracts. Try our comprehensive Gospel Card to share with those in your sphere of influence!

The Gospel Card is designed to make people think!

This is a UNIQUE and innovative witnessing tool that opens up like a small pamphlet!

It provides details and real hard evidence that makes even the most steadfast person curious.It is a card folded in such a way that it has basically four sides front and back. The card is made of 8½ x 14 legal size paper. It folds into something very manageable and easy to hand out. It's not bulky nor is it too time consuming to read. After a person reads it, they can go to the website that contains more proof backed by informative videos.

The goal here is to provide a resource that actually helps a person reach loved ones and friends. The people that are in your sphere of influence! You can hand these out to anyone even if they are already professing Christians. You can help them reach people as well by giving them a resource, too.

People are so often timid when opportunities for witnessing present themselves in their daily lives. They are fearful that they will not have the answers or they fear outright rejection.

The Gospel Card was developed to embolden people to reach out countering this fear. You don’t have to know everything. The card will do the talking for you. And it’s got back up as well at the website for those that become inquisitive and want to find out more. You simply have to start the ball rolling by handing these cards out. Let God do the work in their hearts.

Do not be afraid anymore... Just give them the Gospel Card!




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