The Gospel Card



The Gospel Card is designed to make people think!

This is a UNIQUE & innovative witnessing tool that opens up like a small pamphlet. It folds twice and the center. The picture to the left shows the front page of the Gospel Card. The subsequent pages shown below are what the pamphlet looks like when folded out.

This truly is a great witnessing tool to spark conversation and open the eyes of those that are looking for answers. It provides great detail and real hard evidence that makes even the most steadfast person curious. Simply hand it to a person that God has put in your sphere of influence. This is really a great witnessing tool for personal friends and family members. Take a chance; try something, try anything that might bring them to Christ. What do you have to lose?

The worst thing you can do is do nothing! If you had the chance to save someone you love, why would you not at least try. Bring them to the foot of the cross and let God do His work. Your job is to fulfill the Great Commission and reach out to the lost. God has commanded all of us to do this. You are responsible for your acts of disobedience, God is responsible for your acts of obedience.

It doesn't cost much at all to get this great witnessing tool!


1st Page (the fold is at the center; and then folded again)



2nd Page



3rd Page


Last Page (the fold is at the center)